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Traditional Pink & White Application

Step by Step Instructions


Push back the cuticle and shape the free edge. Buff the surface of the nail to remove shine and wipe away dust. Apply Ph Bond to the natural nail from cuticle to free edge. Apply a thin coat of ProBond to entire nail plate.


Remove the Perfetto nail form from the backing and place the center tab of the form underneath to help stabilize the form. Hold the form between the fingers and thumbs and roll it between them to create a curve. Holding the curve in, slide the form under each side wall and rock it back onto the finger to adhere it. Press the tabs together and make sure that the c curve is even, using the thumbnails, press right at the join between the natural nail and the skin. This helps to create the c curve at the free edge of the natural nail all the way down the barrel of the form.



Saturate the Pro 9 acrylic brush in the ProHesion Sculpting Liquid and pick up a medium sized bead of ProHesion Vivid White sculpting powder and wait for the orange-skin texture to go creamy. Place the bead at the junction of the natural nail and the form. Distribute the white ball side to side towards the nail groove to form the preliminary smile line. Carve the smile line; then lightly stroke the product to smooth. Carve the smile line again; concentrate on sharpness and crispness, pressing the product to evenly distribute. Barely tap the brush on the side of the dappin dish to pick up a tiny amount of sculpting liquid, pick up a tiny dry, crusty bead of white. Apply on the natural nail at the point of the smile line and stroke to blend forward. Carve to perfect. Repeat on the opposite side.


Pick up a medium sized bead of ProHesion Elegant Pink sculpting powder and place halfway between the cuticle and the smile line; press across to evenly distribute and stroke forward. Pick up a smaller bead of ProHesion Elegant Pink sculpting powder and apply to the cuticle area and press evenly to distribute and stoke forward to blend.



Wait for product to reach the moldable stage and mold the c-curve, starting at the nail body and down to the smile line - rolling and lifting to get a consistent curve down the whole body of the nail. Press the free edge around the Harmony C-Curve Stick to enhance the c-curve, making sure it is consistent all the way down the nail body.


Start with the 150/150 grit file and perimeter shape - free edge, side walls, and lower arch. Switch to the 180/180 grit file and repeat last step. Contour and surface shape using the 180 grit file. Make sure the c-curve is consistent from side to side.



Wipe the dust off with a dry clean Wipe It Off lint-free nail wipe before switching to the 100/180 grit buffer, repeat all filing steps to remove scratches left by the previous files. Using the 220/280 buffer, repeat. Wipe the nail with a dry clean Wipe It Off lint-free nail wipe to remove dust between buffers.


Apply Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil and remove the excess with a Wipe it Off. Buff with the blue side of the Eco Shiner and turn it over and repeat with the white side to reveal a high shine.



Finished look.