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Nail Sculpting Liquid

Prohesion Nail Sculpting Liquid is custom formulated to perform with ProHesion Nail Sculpting Powder. It's an aggressive monomer developed with optimized hybrid molecules resulting in the strongest bond to the natural nail without the use of harsh acid primers whilst maintaining the ultimate flexibility and utilizing technologies to accommodate the most sensitive clients. It is developed to brighten and stabilize the color of the ProHesion Nail Sculpting Powder with Optical Enhancers and has unique monomer technology that provides exceptional workability for perfect applications, delivering exceptional workability for the professional while crating the strength and durability necessary for the everyday client.

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Item #: 01105 — 59 mL - 2 Fl. Oz.

Item #: 01106 — 120 mL - 4 Fl. Oz.

Item #: 01107 — 240 mL - 8 Fl. Oz.

Item #: 01109 — 960 mL - 32 Fl. Oz.

Item #: 01104 — 3785 mL - 1 gal